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Studies have shown that maintaining a diet journal while dieting can actually *double* your weight loss.

Edibles is the most reliable and versatile diet journal available for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. It comes with everything you need to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

"★★★★★ Love Love Love it! ... Can't say it enough!"

- Urnski

Edibles does not require an internet connection for day to day use. However, when you combine Edibles with the free Edibles Online service, you gain peace of mind, knowing that your Edibles data is safe and secure. This is because Edibles has the ability to backup and restore all of it's data over the wireless network to Edibles Online.

Additionally, you gain the ability to share your foods, diet plan, daily log entries, and weight log entries with your friends, family, doctor, or whoever you choose.

Thank you so much for this fantastic product. I was struggling to find the time to enter my food via a notepad type app. I'd get to the end of the day and then have to struggle to remember what I'd had. Edibles makes it a breeze - so quick and easy.

-Katie O. (Email)

Edibles Online even gives you the ability to enter your Edibles foods using your PC through the web! That means you don't need to spend all your time hunting and pecking on the iPhone keyboard. You can just go to Edibles Online and type it in! After downloading, it's available in Edibles for you to use when you log your meals.

"★★★★★ Makes food journaling FUN!"

- MacStudio


NOTE: It is possible to configure Edibles to track things other than calories, such as carbs, sodium, etc, but you can only track one item at a time (ie: ONLY calories, or ONLY carbs... etc)

As always, Random Ideas donates 5% of our pre-tax net profits to charity. The chosen charity for Edibles is Feed The Children.

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